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You can practice mindfulness, while being aware, being conscious is a state that permeates all energy particles to varying degrees. In other words: Awareness is always present. It cannot be planned or  Learn More
Breathing represents the flow of life. You cannot live unless you breathe in and breath out in an ever flowing succession of cycles which run off their own steam without your conscious interventionLearn More

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Managing Suppressed Anger

  • August 19th, 2014

Managing Suppressed Anger

Moving beyond the perceptions inherited from the collective mood which we unwittingly adopt […]

What Clients Say

Your Buddhist Trader is excellent. you have brought an important and unique perspective to a task that eludes most traders – and that task is focus and purpose – direction and meaning. very excellent.
Jake Bernstein,
This book is a must read in every trader’s education and preparation for the markets. Mercedes Oestermann Van Essen’s words echo like a bell in the trader’s mind, coming from an actual trader and trading psychology coach, they are awakening to the dangers of his ego and pre-conceived biases.
Mario Kfoury, CFTe, Executive Committee Member, Lebanese Society of Technical Analysts (LSTA), Beirut, Lebanon
When I first heard the title, “The Buddhist Trader”, I was a bit skeptical, thinking that this would be a rather dry read and a bit esoteric.
I must say though, that upon reading through it, I found your work to be very down-to-earth and definitely beneficial for anyone struggling with the myriad of emotional challenges that we traders face.
Brian McAboy Trading coach, Business-Consultant & Retired Engineer,
Thanks for writing The Buddhist Trader. It is one of the most profound books I ever read.
Kaine Smith, Trader, Australia